Micaela Grau

Micaela Grau

AdTech Consultant

Grow your search strategy with Search Ads 360

10 August 2023
2 min

Google is known for creating products that help companies keep up with consumers’ wishes. That’s why it is also constantly improving its Google Marketing Platform products, such as Search Ads 360.

Nowadays, users are impatient and want immediate results that reflect their search queries, hence the need for personalized, timely advertisements.

The purpose SA360 is to equip businesses for the future. This is made possible through innovative features that make the platform more user-friendly and intuitive. With improved search engine and campaign support, marketers can accomplish more tasks from one central location, boosting efficiency and improving outcomes.

So, what do we like best about the SA360 platform?

  1. Streamline Campaign Management: Centralize the setup, adjustment, and management of your search campaigns across various search engines, all within one platform. Experience the power of automation in bidding, budget allocation, structural modifications, event-induced changes, and much more. Unleash the potential of an all-encompassing solution that enhances campaign management at scale.
  2. Advanced Business Innovations: The platform focuses on account granularity and flexibility. The main interface supports multi-advertiser workflows, allowing users to report and manage account activity across various levels. It also enables features like sharing tags, setting rules, creating campaigns, and groups, along with comparing and reporting on multiple accounts and advertisers. The Performance Center merges the functions of Budget Management and Performance Planner to allow planning, executing, and managing budgets and performance. Customizable overview dashboards provide quick access to metrics and high-performing areas at different levels. The report editor enables tailored graphs, charts, and tables, with options to schedule and download them. Also, the interface supports GA4 (Google Analytics 4).
  3. User Interface Designed for Rapid Navigation: The main interface integrates views from Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising, offering a fresh yet familiar user experience. The intuitive design fosters effective and straightforward navigation.
  4. Great Search Engine Support: The interface enhances support for search engines, paid advertising platforms, and third-party partners, resulting in a richer feature set for Search Ads users. For instance, expect improvements in Google Ads’ support for Local, Discovery, and Performance Max campaigns. In the case of Microsoft Advertising, anticipate enhanced support for responsive ads and shopping campaigns. Yahoo will offer improved use and measurement of dynamic ads.

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