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Expert Report – How automated solutions can transform your performance marketing

Performance Marketing World (PMW) with the collaboration of Making Science has elaborated this report where you can discover how automated solutions can combine generative AI and first-party data to power more personalized and effective performance marketing campaigns

Jul 2024

AI Essentials Playbook 2024

The AI Essentials Playbook is a guide developed by Making Science to help businesses effectively implement and integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into their marketing strategies.

Mar 2024

Leading your Digital Maturity

This ebook outlines key milestones and strategies for companies to enhance their digital marketing capabilities, emphasizing customer-centric approaches and leveraging technologies such as AI.

Jul 2023

BigQuery Capacity-Commercial Models

This paper discusses the changes in pricing and capacity planning for Google’s BigQuery platform. It introduces BigQuery Editions, new capacity-commercial models, and highlights the importance of capacity planning to optimize performance and costs.

May 2023

The Future of Technology in a Rapidly Changing World

Report based on a survey of 1,000 US-based C-level executives, focusing on the challenges faced by CIOs, including economic concerns, talent management, and outsourcing as a strategic solution.

Dec 2022

How marketers can master Data Activation

Explore the challenges marketers face in utilizing data effectively. It discusses fragmented data foundations, missing quality and compliance basics, and data activation inefficiencies. The paper emphasizes the need for streamlined integration, data quality assurance, and maximizing the value of data for marketing impact

Nov 2022

Acceleration through Data and Personalization

This paper explores leveraging the latest technologies in the privacy era to prove campaign incrementality and enhance customer personalization. It emphasizes data-driven acceleration, privacy challenges, incremental experiments, and the importance of personalization in a competitive advertising landscape.

May 2022

Enhancing Tourism Marketing: The Impact of Ad-Machina’s Hyper-Personalized Ads

Discover how the tourism industry is adapting to new technology and leveraging cognitive biases with the help of ad-machina. Explore the success story of Iberostar Hotels & Resorts and the significant improvements in bookings, cost reduction, and user relevance achieved through hyper-personalized ads.

Dec 2021

E-commerce and Emerging Trends in the Retail Landscape

This paper examines the evolving world of retail and the impact of technology and other factors on the e-commerce industry. It explores trends that will shape the retail landscape in the coming years.

Oct 2021