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Making Science is a publicly traded, digital marketing company, GMP Sales Partners, and certified in all 11 GMP services.


With a global team that has extensive Data, Analytics, Mar/Adtech, Cloud & GMP expertise, we’re able to offer services that supercharge the GMP techstack in order to optimize our clients’ technology and media investments.

Why should you leverage partners for your GMP contracts?

In a data-conscious world, GMP Sales Partners ensure you have 100% transparency, contractual ownership of your technology and underlying data, and full access to your GMP accounts.

Our clients

  • DV360 is a centralized hub for streamlined planning, buying, execution, and optimization in digital media advertising.
  • The most privacy-forward DSPs. Seamless integration with GMP with global reach, data privacy and continuous innovation in programmatic advertising.
  • Making Science blend of technology and media expertise we can help your company unlock the full potential through data integration, custom bidding and experimentation.
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Engage with Making Science for streamlined DV360 support, including reactive and proactive assistance, GMP training, and basic setup during onboarding. Choose from customizable ongoing support options or À La Carte Projects that cover diverse aspects like Dashboarding, Audience Strategy, Custom Bidding, DV360 Experiments, and full Account Audit, ensuring a tailored and efficient collaboration.
  • CM360 a powerful platform for optimizing digital ad campaigns with advanced features
  • Unified solution to streamline campaign management, enabling audience targeting, personalization, and data-driven decision making.
  • Making Science ensures CM360 optimization tailored to each client needs with a dedicated customer success manager.
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Contracting with MS offers a suite of services, including technical support, GMP training, assistance with setups, dynamic creative strategies, attribution consultancy, and account audits. Clients gain a dedicated specialist, customized solutions, progress tracking, peace of mind, and the assurance of Making Science's proven track record in CM360 success.
  • SA360 is a unified platform tailored for large businesses to simplify and streamline the process of planning, tracking and optimizing campaigns at scale.
  • Centralized campaign management, automated bidding with machine learning, comprehensive reporting and analysis.
  • Making Science provide technical guidance and configuration and optimizing SA360 accounts.
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When contracting with MS, clients benefit from a dedicated team of SA360 experts, access to a comprehensive range of support services, the ability to customize service packages, and assurance that their SA360 platform is set up and running smoothly.
  • Google Analytics 4 is a cutting-edge analytics platform succeeding Universal Analytics. A holistic view of user behavior across website and app
  • Cross-platform tracking with future-proof design, flexible event-based tracking and AI-powered insights
  • Making Science specializes in GA4 services, including server-side implementation, automated dashboards, audits, and on-going training
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Partnering with MS means gaining a dedicated team of GA4 360 experts, providing tailored solutions. Services encompass responsive technical support, proactive guidance, GMP training, basic setup, à la carte projects for advanced GA4 & GTM implementation, and account audits for accurate data collection and privacy compliance. MS ensures continuous optimization, offering peace of mind for data accuracy and reliability.

GMP Contracts

We elevate Google Marketing Platform technology with our own solutions. Our experience and our in-house solutions, in combination with the Google Marketing Platform tools, allow us to offer a complete and high-quality service as well as providing added value to our clients’ strategies.

Contracts with Making Science for Google Marketing Products involve engaging in a formal agreement to receive services related to DV360, CM360, SA360, and GA4.

  • Reactive Technical Support: 24-hour SLA.
  • Proactive Support: Regular consultations and recommendations.
  • GMP Training: Access to a library of resources.
  • Basic Setup Services: Onboarding support.
  • Customizable Essentials Packages: Tailored solutions.
  • Advanced Setup Options: Specialized support for DV360, GMP, and 3rd Party linking.
  • À La Carte Projects: Various services covering specific needs.

Implementation & Services

Implementation and services provided by Making Science cover the technical setup, optimization, and ongoing support for DV360, CM360, SA360, and GA4.

  • Dedicated Support: Access to a dedicated team of experts for each platform.
  • Training and Guidance: Comprehensive training on the Google Marketing Platform.
  • Customized Solutions: Tailored services to meet specific business requirements.
  • Proven Track Record: Assurance of success with a track record of client achievements.

Training & Enablement

Training and enablement services offered by Making Science focus on educating clients on the effective use of Google Marketing Products, including DV360, CM360, SA360, and GA4.

  • Comprehensive Training: Covering a range of topics through on-demand resources, live webinars, and personalized sessions.
  • Skill Development: Empowering clients with the knowledge to independently navigate and optimize campaigns.
  • Continuous Improvement: Ensuring clients stay informed about the latest advancements and best practices in digital marketing.

3P Cookie Readiness

Making Science helps businesses address 3PCD with confidence. Years of navigating strict EEA regulations have honed our global privacy and platforms teams into expert consultants. Customers leverage our experience to right-size data management and durable technology decisions, adopt Google’s Foundations for Durable Ads, AI Essentials, and deploy interoperable solutions such as composable CDPs and cleanrooms. Our team focuses on four 3PCD service areas.

  • Durable Infrastructure: Tag/architecture audits and implementation of Google tag/GTM, Enhanced Conversions, CM360 conversion definition
  • Measurement & Attribution: GA4, Consent Mode V2, User-ID, CM360 architecture, SSGTM, API integrations
  • Consumer Engagement: Customer Match automation/CMU integration, PAIR, predictive AI for audiences and VBB/Custom Bidding
  • Performance Enhancing Technology: Making-Science built tech to supercharge Google performance by improving accessibility and streamlining adoption of AI embedded in Google Ads, GMP, and Cloud platforms.

Media Strategy Consulting & Management

Media strategy consulting and management services by Making Science involve strategic planning, analysis, and optimization of advertising campaigns using DV360, CM360, SA360, and GA4.

  • Comprehensive Services: Covering analysis, reporting, audience strategy, data integrations, custom bidding strategies, experiments, and account audits.
  • Expert Consultancy: Leveraging industry expertise to design and implement effective media strategies.
  • Optimization for Performance: Ensuring campaigns are continuously refined for optimal results.

We elevate Google Marketing Platform technology with our own solution: Cookie Deprecation Impact Tool

Quantify the business impact of cookie loss. A comprehensive solution that helps companies quantify the impact of third-party cookie deprecation on their business.
Don’t be caught off by cookieless


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