Santander’s Triumph with Custom Bidding in DV360


CB Conversion Rate


Lead CPA





The Company

Santander, the global financial giant, has always been at the forefront of innovation. In their pursuit of expansion and efficiency, they embarked on a journey to revolutionize their digital advertising strategy, seeking to increase new clients while optimizing their Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and boosting impressions and clicks.

The Challenge

  1. Expanding the Client Base: Santander’s overarching goal was to grow its clientele. In an industry where attracting new clients is both an art and a science, Santander needed a targeted approach to ensure their advertising efforts were not just reaching a broad audience but resonating with potential clients who aligned with the company’s offerings.
  2. CPA Optimization: Cost efficiency is paramount in any advertising strategy. Santander aimed to reduce its Cost Per Acquisition, ensuring that each new client brought on board was acquired at the most economical cost possible. Achieving this required a strategic approach to bid optimization, targeting, and conversion tracking.
  3. Amplifying Impressions and Clicks: In the digital landscape, visibility is key. Santander sought to increase not only the quantity but also the quality of impressions and clicks. This involved a nuanced understanding of audience behavior, ad placements, and the channels that would yield the highest engagement.
  4. Navigating Market Dynamics: The financial sector is highly competitive, with market dynamics influenced by economic trends, consumer sentiment, and technological advancements. Santander had to navigate these complexities while staying ahead of the curve in terms of digital advertising strategies.

In addressing these challenges, Santander recognized that a one-size-fits-all approach would not suffice. The company needed a customized solution that would not only meet their specific objectives but also adapt to the dynamic nature of the digital landscape. This set the stage for their innovative approach, leveraging Custom Bidding in DV360 as a strategic tool to overcome the challenges and redefine their digital advertising success.

The Approach

Santander’s digital advertising revolution focused on precision and adaptability. Centering efforts on sales floodlights, they aligned campaigns for maximum impact in acquiring new clients. By integrating custom variables and rules into script definitions, Santander tailored their bidding strategy to factors like user behavior and market trends.

The incorporation of the max aggregate model allowed real-time bid adjustments based on dynamic data analysis, ensuring adaptability in the evolving digital landscape. Using a weighted conversions approach, Santander prioritized high-impact actions for client acquisition.

Additionally, the evaluation of activity values guided budget allocation towards actions with the most significant impact on their overarching goal. This data-driven decision-making process allowed for informed and strategic choices in optimizing their digital advertising budget effectively. In summary, Santander’s approach redefined their digital advertising strategy, resulting in remarkable success in client acquisition and campaign efficiency.

The Results

  • +208% CB Conversion Rate vs Standard
  • +97,65% Lead CPA
  • -49,57% ROAS
  • +71,8% Enrollments (Predicted)


In summary, Santander’s adoption of Custom Bidding in DV360 has redefined digital advertising success, showcasing impressive gains in conversion rates, reduced CPA, and enhanced ROAS. This success emphasizes the power of customization and innovation in navigating the dynamic digital landscape.

Santander’s journey stands as an inspiration for businesses, encouraging them to embrace tailored strategies for optimal results in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing.