Daisy Kishler

Daisy Kishler

AdTech Consultant

Meet the Expert! ✨ Making the most of Display & Video 360 with Daisy Kishler

29 June 2023
2 min

Tell us a bit about your background and experience that led you to join our team.

I started my career in the agency space at OMD as a media planner, working with large CPG brands to define advertising strategies. Then, I moved to Google and started on the Google Customer Solutions team, working with small and medium businesses to build Google Ads strategies. I then transitioned to my most recent role at Google under GMP Solutions, where I consulted with global customers to guide their GMP advertising strategy and provide account support. After our team was impacted in the Jan ’23 Google layoffs, I’m excited to join many fellow ex-Googlers at Making Science to launch the US GMP business! 

How would you describe your role within the team and what are your primary responsibilities?

I am an AdTech Consultant at Making Science and my team’s primary objective is to ensure we are providing successful and positive experiences for our clients. My team works cross-functionally with Sales, Project Management, New Business, and Data & AdTech to build and execute comprehensive plans to suit our client’s advertising needs using the Google Marketing Platform house of products. With our combined expertise, we partner with our Google specialists to provide our clients with tailored solutions. 

What are the advantages of being certified in DV360?

Being certified in DV360 (Display & Video 360) offers several advantages. First, the certification provides you with the credibility to demonstrate your knowledge of the platform and the ability to effectively execute display and video ad campaigns. Additionally, the certification provides you with a deeper understanding of the platform’s advanced features and tools, enabling you to leverage the product’s full potential in advanced advertising strategies, increased efficiency, and performance. Ultimately, this helps to achieve better results for you and your clients. 

What are the advantages of being certified do you think gives more value to the client?

One of the many advantages of being certified in DV360 includes building client and stakeholder trust. Proving your expertise allows clients to rely on these skills to maximize their advertising budgets, optimize their campaigns, and deliver measurable results. With the certification, you gain skills to navigate the platform efficiently and effectively. This translates into improved campaign management, better targeting capabilities, and more accurate performance tracking. 

In what ways does having a DV360 certification set a professional apart in the industry?

A DV360 certification provides professionals with a competitive advantage of demonstrated expertise. The certification displays a commitment to the digital advertising industry and staying ahead of the trends in the marketplace. A DV360 certification requires professionals to keep updated with the platform’s latest features, updates, and industry developments. 

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