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Cass Grimm

Digital Marketing Project Manager

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7 November 2022
3 min

Do you dream of a flexible, remote work schedule? Do you thrive when surrounded by a group of talented individuals? Do you want to work for one of Europe’s fastest-growing tech/digital marketing companies? Read on to learn more about what it takes to successfully pass an interview with the Making Science People & Culture team!

Thoroughly read the job description to see how it fits with your professional profile

You’ll get a call from one of our recruiters if your skillset matches quite closely with the job description we’ve got open. So, before your interview, take 10-15 minutes to closely study which items in the job description match your prior experiences. It’s helpful if you also spend some time thinking of specific activities you’ve completed or projects you led. This way, you can give concrete examples of those situations when we ask about them.  

We understand that your profile may not exactly match our job description. So, be sure you don’t lie even if we ask questions you may not know the answers to. 

DO NOT lie about your skills (certifications, languages, experiences…)

As mentioned, we know it may not be an exact profile match. So, if we ask a question about something you’re not experienced with, here’s what you can do.

Let’s imagine you’re interviewing for a project management position and we ask, “Tell me about a time you reviewed a report in Google Analytics.” – but you’ve never reviewed a report in Google Analytics. 

  1. Admit that you do not have experience. You can simply state, “At this point in my career, I’ve not yet had the opportunity to review Google Analytics reports directly for a client.”
  2. Mention a similar experience. Then, go on to mention a similar experience and why you think you’d be able to learn quickly… For example, “However, this year I worked closely with a business analyst who showed me a few of the basics. I’m confident that if I got access to a Google Analytics account, I could quickly learn to navigate it.”
    Alternatively, you could mention relevant training. For example, “Though I haven’t worked with a live Google Analytics account yet, I spent the last few months taking the advanced GA4 course. During the course, I got to work with a demo account. So, I think I could take on the task quickly.”

Do some research about the company, especially our values and our objectives

Make sure you do your research – not just so you can answer questions about our brand, but ALSO so you can ensure the company is a good fit for you!

In most interviews, we’ll ask why you think you would be a good fit. Read through our company page here to see if your values align with our mission. Check out recent news about us by viewing our investor’s page here. Or, check Google Search’s News section here to see the latest PR about the company. 

We’ll want to know how you see yourself growing with us. And to know that, you’ll want to know how we expect to grow too! 

Structure how to explain your professional experiences

Finally, let’s talk a bit about how you can expect to explain your experience to us. Typically, we will ask open-ended questions so that we can get to know you better in a broad way. But you’d be surprised how many people respond with a simple, one-sentence answer.

One easy way to get into a question-answering groove is to use the STAR method. Simply describe: 

  • The Situation you found yourself in
  • The Task you completed
  • The Actions required of you, and
  • The Resolution of the situation

Be sure to strike a balance between too long and too short. If you notice you’ve been rambling along for more than two minutes, wrap it up. 

Join us!

Now that you’re in the right mindset, take an opportunity to head to our careers page to see if there are any open vacancies that match your profile. If you don’t see anything, feel free to sign up for our newsletter where we occasionally post job openings. 

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