Jorge Alonso

Jorge Alonso

Chief Operating Officer SAAS

Transform your content strategy with private AI

18 April 2024

Did you know that “46% of senior executives suspect their colleagues are unintentionally sharing confidential data with ChatGPT”?

In a world where privacy and data control are paramount, companies are seeking innovative solutions that allow them to generate high-quality content in a unified and secure manner. 

Enter Trust Generative AI (TGAI), an advanced platform that integrates Generative AI capabilities from Google and OpenAI, enabling content generation at scale within a private environment with human-in-the-loop validation to ensure the company always maintains control over the generated content.

Benefits and limitations of Gen AI

While Gen AI holds promise for transforming content creation, it also comes with its own set of benefits and limitations. On one hand, it enables quick and high volume of content generation and creativity. However, it may struggle with keeping relevance and coherence, especially in sensitive or proprietary content areas. TGAI addresses these limitations by providing a secure and tailored AI solution specifically designed for business needs.

Privacy and Data control

Privacy and data control are at the forefront of concerns when adopting AI solutions. While Gen AI presents immense opportunities for content creation, it also raises challenges regarding data security and privacy. With TGAI, companies can generate content while ensuring that their proprietary data remains secure and under their control.

Versatility in content creation

TGAI offers versatility in content creation, empowering to generate a wide range of content types across various departments in the company. From blog posts to emailing for sales, product descriptions, ad generation, report creation, it provides comprehensive support for all aspects of content creation. Whether you’re looking to engage your audience through compelling blog content or drive conversions with targeted ads, TGAI has you covered.

Unified content generation

Gen AI offers unparalleled capabilities for content creation, but it also presents challenges in maintaining consistency and coherence across various formats and channels. TGAI solves this by offering unified content generation. Regardless of the format or platform, it ensures that content remains cohesive and relevant, streamlining the content creation process for companies by offering the possibility to train the model according to corporate guidelines.

Human-in-the-Loop integration

One of the unique features of TGAI is its integration of Human-in-the-Loop validation. This means that while AI drives the content generation process, human oversight and validation are incorporated at key stages. This ensures that the content meets the highest standards of quality and relevance, combining the efficiency of AI with the expertise of human judgment.


In today’s data-driven world, the ability to generate high-quality content securely and efficiently is essential for business success. With TGAI, companies can harness the power of generative artificial intelligence without compromising privacy or data control, enabling content generation at scale within a private environment, with human-in-the-loop validation to ensure the company always maintains control over the generated content. It’s time to unlock the true potential of your content strategy with Trust Generative AI.