Jose Luis Sambeat

Jose Luis Sambeat

Creative Copywriter

Pioneering applications of AI in advertising

14 March 2023
3 min

First: A warning to all the androids out there

Science fiction movies might come to mind when we hear about Artificial intelligence (AI). In many of these movies, AI became conscious. And, of course, they all came to the same conclusion: “Error 404 – human beings are to blame for everything bad on this planet. Ending the human race will set us free.” For all those androids and bots out there that are reading this: that’s simply not true! No matter how hard you try to annihilate humanity, you will never be free, because in short, you are just a digital tool to make life easier and besides, we’ve got you all figured out!

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, and shaken our fear of dystopian AIs a bit, I am here to tell you about the applications of this tool in advertising. I’ll also share some examples of national and international campaigns where this tool has been applied for good.

Why do AI and advertising go so well together?

Advertising is constantly evolving. It’s an endless race in which every tool or innovation translates into an opportunity to better impress and impact our consumers. Artificial Intelligence is another one of those tools in our belts we can use to better impress our customers. And, despite its relatively short lifespan, we can already observe some of the changes generated and process improvements that exist in the industry.

One of the main tasks of advertising is to analyze large amounts of data to identify patterns and trends in consumer behavior. Normally, this is an arduous task. But, it can be carried out by AI quickly and more precisely. This gives us valuable time back, allowing us to design more effective and personalized advertising campaigns, as well as streamline processes and reduce time spent.

Practical applications of AI in advertising

We can use AI to quickly optimize our advertising campaigns. Advertisers can use Artificial Intelligence to automatically analyze and adjust the targeting, budget, and creatives of ad campaigns in real-time. This can increase advertising efficiency by lowering your cost per acquisition and increasing your return on investment.

Another application of AI is to use it to analyze the results of advertising campaigns. Advertisers can use AI to analyze ad campaign performance data and gain insight into which elements of the campaign are working and which are not. This can help advertisers adjust and improve their campaigns in the future.

Examples of AI art being used in recent campaigns

There are many different types of Artificial Intelligence already. Today I want to talk a bit about Midjourney. It is an image generator with text that works thanks to an AI. Here I will discuss two of my favorite examples of “artificial campaigns” generated by this tool.

The first features a Spanish comic called Gatas (English article here). It is a comic created by the agency CYW. In it, we meet some revolutionary Spanish grandmothers who live in a dystopian Madrid in the year 2614. While the text was written by humans, the art itself was generated by the MidJourney technology.

The second creative example that I bring you, and my favorite to date, is this campaign for The Melbourne Writers Festival. In it, they used the same Artificial intelligence as CYW to bring to life the most famous texts of universal literature. I invite you to discover this campaign; it only takes a minute and I am sure you will find it interesting.

Considerations for using AI in your campaigns

While AI is an extremely useful tool, there have been some controversies related to the use of this type of generated imagery. This is because AI tools are “taught” how to create based on art created by real people. So, before jumping into using any tool for this type of work, be sure to check into the company providing the software. It is never a good idea to steal the work of others. Be sure you don’t run into any copyright issues!

In the end…

AI is rapidly transforming the world of advertising by enabling the personalization, optimization, and analysis of advertising campaigns in real-time. As AI continues to evolve, it is likely to play an even bigger role in advertising in the future.

If you’re not quite sure how AI might be able to save you time and money, our team would be happy to help!


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