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Personalization and testing: how CRO can boost your sales

7 December 2022
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Converting your e-commerce visitors into customers can be challenging. You need to apply the right strategy, as well as implement the right tools and technology to ensure that the visitor has the best possible user experience to trigger sales and conversions. Let’s not forget that these days, consumers are more demanding than ever. They demand personalized experiences that are adapted to their needs.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) can help you elevate your strategy through A/B testing or web customization. But, what are A/B testing and web personalization? In this article, we tell you the most notable differences between the two, their benefits, and how to activate them.

A/B testing and web personalization: driving sales and conversions with CRO

At first, it may seem that A/B testing and web personalization are the same. Really, they are quite different. And, used together, they can help us build a winning strategy.

Before attempting to carry out any testing or customization action, we first have to understand our users better: 

  • Learn about their interests. 
  • Figure out where on the web they spend the most time (either by preference or necessity). 
  • Discover their pain points, etc.

Then, we can use all this data to make better decisions about what we should do on our site to improve the chances that someone will convert during a page visit. A/B testing and personalization are two ways to activate our data to incrementally improve each step of the customer journey.

  • A/B testing: A/B testing refers to the various experiments that we can perform to demonstrate, empirically, what our users want and what works best.
  • Web personalization: with personalization, we seek to make each message and experience relevant for our users. Consider how you feel when you receive the same offer from the same footwear brand 34,567 times (even though you already bought something from them). We can avoid situations like this by personalizing the user experience. We should do the same for banners, featured website sections, and related articles. If these are adapted to the tastes and/or needs of the user each time they enter the site, the chances of sales and conversion will increase.

A/B Testing: test, test, and test… until you find the key

Before beginning a test, we must define the hypothesis, the conversion objectives, and the different tests to be carried out. The art of testing consists, as we said before, of launching different versions of a landing page or a product, but including changes in each iteration that help us detect user preferences. These variants can take into account user interactions with the key elements in the different tests (buttons, colors, CTAs…). The ‘interaction,’ as it’s commonly known, is measured and the behavior is analyzed in order to draw conclusions that determine which test has won. From there, we can determine which changes we should finally apply to the site or product.

Web personalization: how to get the most value out of your user data

We all want to feel special, especially when we buy something. We feel we deserve it and thus we demand more personalized experiences from brands that share relevant content which meets our needs and tastes at the right time through the right channel.

Would you sell the same computer to a web designer and a gamer? They have different needs and therefore need different products. The same happens in messages, websites, and communications of any kind that we make with users, and all of them must be personalized. How? Based on the data we receive from them every day: clicks, pages, product modules, messages… Make the user feel that each element has been designed by and for him! Why? To convince him to buy from you!

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