Sam Neerhof

Sam Neerhof

US Client Solutions Team Lead

Meet the Expert! ✨ Making the most of Search Ads 360 with Sam Neerhof

20 June 2023
2 min

Tell us a bit about your background and experience that led you to joining our team.

I worked at Google for the last 6 years. I started on the Google Ads Search and performance marketing side before transitioning to the Google Marketing Platforms suite of products for the last 4 years. After being impacted by the layoffs in January, I was lucky enough to earn this exciting new opportunity working with a number of ex-Googlers to launch Making Science’s GMP business in the US!

How would you describe your role within the team and what are your primary responsibilities?

I lead the Customer Success team at Making Science US in order to ensure our clients receive the best possible services and experience. I focus on our complex customers with projects across multiple Making Science business units (Data Analytics, AdTech, Media, etc.) in order to plan, organize, and execute strategies that deliver exceptional quality. My team works across all the GMP products to provide a centralized perspective and identify expert solutions that exceed client expectations. As the main customer point of contact at Making Science, we streamline operations and meet all their needs.

What are the advantages of being certified in Search Ads 360 (SA360)?

Certification in Search Ads 360 means we’re trusted by the experts, Google, to perform critical tasks and workflows in the platform. Hands-on experience in Search Ads 360 is necessary to achieve certification, indicating we have the knowledge and experience on how to utilize SA360 to achieve the best results. Given the importance and power of performance marketing data and activation, this certification is specifically critical to brand success. Most importantly for my team, it also means we’re qualified to provide the highest caliber of customer service because our expertise allows us to understand the inner workings and/or root causes of any issues and therefore more efficiently determine viable solutions for our customers.

Do you think being certified in SA360 is essential to operate and improve the activity on the platform?

As certified experts in SA360, my team and I can use our knowledge and expertise to identify if/when there are potential product bugs and then go through the proper Google channels to acquire the appropriate support. Additionally, coming from the Google side, I personally have experience with product feedback and improvement so I understand the impact of direct user input to pave the way for product roadmap improvements. Having intimate, first-hand experience in products makes feedback significantly more impactful and much more likely to come to fruition.

What are the advantages of being certified do you think gives more value to the client?

The product experience and expertise required to achieve certification establish a foundation of trust for our customers. We’ve put in the time and effort to know the ins and outs of the products with the specific goal of best supporting our clients in achieving their objectives. Being certified means we have a more thorough background in the product so we know if/when issues arise, we have an established process and solution to promote customer success and excellence. 

How has your certification in certification positively impacted your work output or processes?

Without the knowledge and expertise gained prior to and throughout the certification process, my team and I wouldn’t be able to manage our customer’s success as effectively. As the central point of contact for our customers, we need to understand each GMP product enough to be able to bring in and/or consult the appropriate resources to support clients. We have a duty to our customers to meet their needs and expectations and certification allows my team to demonstrate their knowledge and apply it to their everyday responsibilities.

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