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Cristina Robles

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Deep Links in GA4

30 May 2023
2 min

The digital world is constantly evolving, leading to new forms of navigation and mobile app use. Today, users access different sections and specific content of apps and websites through deep links. So, we will tell you what deep links are and how they can be measured in our new favorite analytics tool: GA4.

What are Deep Links?

Deep links are links that allow users to directly access a specific section of an app (or website) instead of landing on the app’s main page. This lets users quickly and easily reach the information they need.

One example might be a link in a web article that directs us to a product within an e-commerce app.

Why are Deep Links Important?

Deep links enhance the user experience by providing direct access to needed content. They can also improve app visibility and rankings in search results, potentially increasing download numbers and traffic.

How Are Deep Links Measured in GA4?

First, set up a custom event for the deep link and then a custom parameter for the deep link URL.

Once the custom events and parameters are set, deep links can be measured through GA4’s event reports. These reports show how many times a deep link has been clicked and provide information about traffic sources and user behavior.

How Can They Be Improved?

Improving deep links involves optimizing them for both users and search engines. This means including relevant keywords in the deep link URL, as well as in the description and title of the page accessed.

Ensure deep links work properly and are not broken. A non-functional deep link can negatively impact user experience and reduce app visibility.

Deep links can be an effective tool in a mobile marketing strategy. They can direct users to particular offers or promotions within an app, which can increase conversion rates and sales. They can also be used in mobile ads to guide users directly to a specific section of an app, enhancing ad effectiveness and user experience.

Our Vision

Deep links are crucial for improving user experience and increasing app visibility and rankings in search results. Implementing deep linking in GA4 involves configuring the landing page, adding deep link parameters, and setting up a custom event.

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