Irene Sesmero

Irene Sesmero

Data Team Lead
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How Consent Mode adds value to your analytics in GA4

4 August 2022
2 minutes

Due to recent changes in privacy regulations and user consent requirements in force, data modeling is a great way to help ensure we are not missing out on valuable data insights in a world where online signals are becoming increasingly scarce. Otherwise, we will not be able to completely measure site interactions, nor answer questions like:

  • How many daily active users are on my site?
  • How many new users have I attracted with my last campaign?
  • What journey do users take, from landing on the web to making a purchase (or other type of conversion)?

With the implementation of Consent Mode, you can have a much more realistic understanding of how your business is operating because you can model the behavior of users who reject cookies, based on the behavior of those who accept them.

As you can see in the image below, for a few days we started tracking the modeled data of users who rejected cookies in Google Analytics 4. The data quality is clearly enhanced when using Consent Mode. 

Moving forward, we will be able to obtain higher quality insights since we will not only have the results of the users who consent to cookie tracking, but also modeled information of those who do not, and therefore, our volume of measurable users grows.

Usually, around 20-30% of users do not accept cookies. So, we can expect to see the volume of data gathered by around 20%.

Reference image:

What are the requirements to be able to see the conversions modeled in GA4?

In short, Consent Mode and GA4 can help us continue to add value to our business, even in a cookieless environment.

If you want to implement Consent Mode in your business, or even migrate to the new GA4, our team of experts can help you with a custom solution. We can’t wait to hear from you!🚀

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