Savia adopts a Data-Centric strategy with Google Cloud Platform

Working with Making Science, Savia developed and implemented a data-driven strategy focused on user behavior.

The challenge

Savia aimed to be data-driven, combining information from CRM, events, analytics, and audiences into a single, structured ecosystem. The platform, available to employees, allows data access while ensuring anonymity.

The solution

Savia sought to centralize and simplify the handling of information and events on a single platform. They chose Google Cloud Platform to store the company’s data.

The results

GCP helped Savia achieve its strategic goals. User data was anonymized, GDPR compliant, and secure. Savia gained near real-time access to 300,000 daily events and saved 40% on technological infrastructure costs.

Google Cloud Platform became the key for Savia to achieve the results it sought when defining its strategy.

About MAPFRE Foundation

Savia is MAPFRE’s health services platform, addressing digital disruption in the healthcare sector.