Breakthrough results: 20% more qualified leads for Universidad Europea (UE)


Universidad Europea is one of Europe’s leading private universities with over 16,000 students representing more than 100 nationalities.


Students typically do not make the decision of which college to attend overnight. And major marketing platforms today don’t keep records of those users who have shown interest for more than 90 days (maximum). As such, optimizing CPA can be extremely challenging, due to the long-tail nature of the university enrollment cycle.

Project scope

AI modeling was employed to forecast the leads with the highest likelihood of converting into enrollments by integrating online and offline events. This model powers online campaigns and streamlines call-center prioritization.


This has led to breakthrough results for the brand.

  • 47% lower CPA
  • 23% higher ROAS
  • 20% more qualified leads
  • 80% more enrollments