MAPFRE improved its data strategy with Dataflow and GKE

Digital marketing and technology consulting firm Making Science has partnered with Mapfre Digital Transformation.

The challenge

MAPFRE’s initial digital transformation architecture needed standardization and functional enhancements to effectively support a decoupled, multi-tenant environment. Making Science was instrumental in assisting MAPFRE with this endeavor.

The solution

We enhanced the architecture by reusing component and service patterns compliant with GDPR, employing independent data. This strategy reduced coupling and provided real-time latency, enabling us to observe the data effectively.

Additionally, it incorporated the user-defined Data Governance strategy, continuously monitored to ensure proper functioning, whilst adhering to GCP and security practices.

The results

The resulting architecture employs a Kappa-like Event Sourcing pattern, featuring regional, multi-tenant deployment and a cornerstone Dataflow bolstered by GCP’s Data Loss Prevention service. This is designed to carry out security checks and maintain GDPR compliance.

The implementation of this updated architecture has led to decreased data processing times and faster start-up times for new tenants, resulting in cost savings and heightened efficiency.


Mapfre is a Spanish multinational company specialized in the insurance and reinsurance sector with an international presence in 40 different countries.