MAPFRE Brazil achieves 39% growth in potential clients by using Performance Max campaigns

Together with its digital partner Making Science, MAPFRE Brazil has managed to increase its sales by 39% by opting for Performance Max campaigns from Google Ads.

The challenge

MAPFRE Brazil strives to continue with the expansion of its car insurance activity (the company’s main product line), and has ambitious profit goals. The objective was to support the expansion of this product while maintaining the efficiency and profitability of the advertising activity, increasing the number of potential motor insurance clients, and keeping the CPL below target.

The approach

MAPFRE Brazil carried out a test using Performance Max which optimized leads and calls in order to boost the number of car insurance contracts. The company chose creative resources already at its disposal that adjusted to the requirements of the campaign. This enabled an expansion to different channels such as Search, Display, Video, Gmail and the Discover feed, while keeping the company’s image and message consistent.

MAPFRE Brazil and Making Science

In collaboration with its digital partner Making Science, MAPFRE Brazil developed a Performance Max ad-hoc strategy that was focused on the number of leads and CPL. Since keeping costs down was a main goal, it was crucial to come up with an appropriate bidding strategy. In order to do so, Maximize Conversions was set as an initial configuration and, after some days of training, was replaced by Target CPA. This established a target based on the business need and what was learned from current campaigns. 

After some weeks of experience, the campaign yielded CPL that was less than the target limit (-14%), and exceeded the initial expectations in terms of reach and number of conversions. 

Performance Max is currently part of the “Always on” strategy by MAPFRE Brazil, and this allows the insurance company to extend its advertising activity without affecting the performance of any other active campaign.


According to the Head of Digital Business and Innovation in MAPFRE Brazil, Nikolaus Steve Maack:

At MAPFRE, we are always open to try new things with the aim of improving our results. On this occasion, they offered us PMax to extend our reach and to be able to impact more potential clients. The results were so good that we decided to make it one of our ALWAYS ON actions.”