Generating 1000s of personalized ads in seconds adds significant revenue

...We were able to let the campaigns learn quicker than they had previously. In addition, ad-machina helped us to add new keywords and this is key because these were keywords that we didn't realize would work for us. Now, we are able to cover more queries from the U.S.

Pep Juaneda Grimalt, Digital Marketing Manager for the Iberostar Group


Higher Revenue


Lower Cost per Click

Iberostar improves through personalization


In the face of the pandemic, Iberostar needed to improve its paid search strategy to ensure it was as cost-effective as possible. These were the kind of changes that were difficult to implement when they already had many people devoted generating ad copy. 

The challenge

Since travel decreased significantly during the pandemic, Iberostar wanted to be able to capture as much demand as possible once leisure travel sprang back. 

The approach

At the start, Iberostar’s campaigns were already very well optimized. However, by implementing ad-machina natural language search ads, Making Science helped Iberostar:

  1. Improve keywords using an algorithmic approach
  2. Present users with personalized ads, related to their search queries and intent


By implementing the ad-machina technology, Iberostar was able to algormithmically generate campaigns.

  • Ads were generated in 4 languages
  • More than 274,000 personalized ads were created
  • 183,000 keywords were added to better understand and target new markets
  • +2,800 sitelink extensions were added to better show relevant content


Through this implementation, Iberostar was able to increase year over year revenue by 14%, and reduce cost per click by 17%.