How Tradeinn migrated its virtual machines to Kubernetes

Tradeinn’s digital and tech partner Making Science has helped the e-commerce company to transform and modernize applications

The challenge

The challenges we faced in this project were to improve the stability of the website and improve its CI/CD system to make it more stable and more orderly. In turn, this will prevent code discrepancies that occurred randomly in the previous deployment system.

The solution

The application was updated so it can use more modern libraries; it was prepared to be containerized, and migrated from the virtual machine infrastructure to GKE containers. Furthermore, a system based on Cloud Build was used to replace the previous deployment system, which improved deployment stability.

The results

Code mismatch problems were eliminated, and code deployment speed has improved. The speed of the application has increased, and as a result, the website now responds in a shorter time and the auto scaling of the application has improved, which now reduces the response time when there are sudden changes in traffic.

Through a strategy provided by Making Science to improve the Tradeinn application, the tech partner has helped the e-commerce company to ensure that its website is available at any time, regardless of an increase in traffic it may receive. This has reduced problems resulting from code mismatch, and improved deployment workflow.


Tradeinn is an e-commerce company based in Girona (Spain) which specializes in the sale of sports, fashion and lifestyle equipment. The Tradeinn brand is trusted by over 20 million customers around the world, and ships around 20,000 orders a day in 190 countries.