How MAPFRE increased sales by 17% with business data incorporated media strategy

MAPFRE, a leading insurance company in Spain and Latin America, integrated business data into its media strategy to boost sales and reduce the risk of non-payment.


MAPFRE aimed to reduce claims and customer defaults by translating business insights into its media strategy. Their objective was to attract new clients with lower risk.


MAMIE developed a 360º media measurement and activation strategy, creating a risk-scoring system to qualify users according to their risk of non-payment. Using Google’s Value Based Bidding technology and the “custom variable adjustments” feature in the SA360 interface, we enriched the optimization algorithms of paid media campaigns, considering the value of the lead according to real risk.

Collaboration with Making Science

The collaboration between MAPFRE, Google, and Making Science resulted in an integrated strategy across three levels: media activation, technology, and business knowledge, surpassing the defined objectives.


  • By bidding on tROAS with Value Based Bidding, MAPFRE saw a 17% increase in sales while reducing high-risk sales