fitnessdigital yields greater profit due to Search Ads 360

Spanish fitness website fitnessdigital wanted to increase the profits from its Google Ads* campaigns. In cooperation with the agency Making Science, they created shopping campaigns classified by product, by applying Search Ads 360 bid strategies. And that’s how they managed to improve profitability.

The objectives

  • To improve profitability.
  • To be in control of the performance of each product category.

The approach

In order to meet the set objectives, Making Science implemented a strategy that included the creation of shopping campaigns tailored to each product category. Each category was assigned a unique bidding strategy, and goals were established in accordance with the varying levels of priority. To ensure maximum resource utilization, shared budgets were used across all campaigns. Lastly, all strategies were continually tracked and adjusted as needed to optimize performance.

The results

  • A 6% increase in revenue compared to the previous year.
  • A 30% reduction in costs.
  • Sales revenue increased by 40%.
  • ERS (Effective Revenue Share) was reduced by over 33%.

The objective

The company used Search Ads 3601 and bid strategies to automate bidding management. However, each market had a shopping campaign that was not split into categories, and a single Search Ads 360 ROAS bid strategy applied to each market.

In a new stage, more adapted to the user’s environment, the company and the agency tried to improve profitability by controlling the performance of each category, according to the business needs.

“Manual management of search and shopping campaigns in 11 different markets became unfeasible, and we were far from the business objectives set for each of our stores. Search Ads 360 helped us to optimize our investment by maximizing business opportunities and finding the profitability sweet spot in all the markets we are in.”

Managing Director of fitnessdigital, Jose Rodriguez

The approach

By partnering with the agency Making Science, the company created shopping campaigns for each product category with subsections, and applied bid strategies per category with different ROAS according to business objectives, margin, etc. To improve the data, the company tracked and optimized the strategies within a single shared budget across all campaigns.

The results

This new approach enabled fitnessdigital to increase the revenue from its campaigns by 6%, while spending 30% less. Furthermore, sales revenue increased by 40%, and ERS was reduced by over 33%.