How we helped 3 hotel chains boost their search campaign revenue by 60% with ad-machina

Boost your search campaign revenue by 60% with ad-machina

Transform your product feed data into advanced Google Ads and SA360 campaigns with ad-machina, a real-time and fully personalized ad generation solution.

Value Proposition

  • Real-time automation with over 250,000 ad customizations
  • Personalized user experience leading to 60% higher revenue
  • Continuous improvement resulting in a 32% higher click-through rate


ad-machina is a natural language processing solution built on Google Cloud for automating Google Ads and SA360 campaigns. It ensures customer satisfaction and increases conversion rates by adapting to the tourist’s search criteria, cognitive biases, and real-time service changes.

Collaboration with Making Science

Working with Making Science offers advanced, proven solutions with results from the first month. Our expertise guarantees scalability, localized content, and brand image protection.


  • Iberostar boosted its ROAS by 330% with ad-machina, thanks to automated, relevant messaging.
  • RIU achieved a 99% increase in bookings using ad-machina’s continuous learning technology.
  • Bahia Principe scaled their campaigns to different markets using ad-machina, resulting in a 24% increase in US revenue.

“With ad-machina we have been able to improve our investments and improve our volume with profitability.” – Eugenio del Pino, Direct Sales Manager, RIU

  • +430% revenue in generic keywords for Iberostar
  • +24% growth on branded terms for Bahia Principe
  • +99% generic bookings for RIU