Grupo Lar: Elevating Customer Experience Through Tech & Innovation


Boost in Club Membership


App Downloads Since the January 2023 Launch


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The Company

With 50+ years of real estate expertise, Grupo Lar manages the Lar España Real Estate portfolio, attracting over 81 million annual visits, with the mission to create top-tier shopping and leisure destinations, driving loyalty and sales.

The Challenge

In 2018, Grupo Lar launched the “Club Disfrutones” loyalty app. It expanded to 6 centers in 2019, requiring innovation to gain insights and streamline operations. Grupo Lar partnered with Making Science for a tech-driven transformation, leveraging Salesforce, to add more value and gain deeper insights into visitor preferences.

The Approach

In 2022, Grupo Lar enlisted Making Science to harness data strategically using Salesforce, revolutionizing their customer engagement strategy. This integrated technology ecosystem empowered Grupo Lar with:

  • Comprehensive Data Management: Salesforce’s Service Cloud efficiently collected and segmented user data, enabling advanced personalization.
  • Hyper-Personalized Communication: Marketing Cloud transformed communication channels, delivering personalized content through various mediums.
  • Cutting-Edge Hybrid App: The “Club Disfrutones” app, available for web, iOS and Android, became the central hub for user interactions, offering innovative features for an immersive experience.
Making Science’s expertise seamlessly integrated into Grupo Lar’s team, ensuring a comprehensive 360º service, from conceptualization to app development and data analytics.

The Results

Since January 2023, the transformation delivered remarkable results:

  • Over 25% Boost in Club Membership: Membership surged, reflecting the success of the revitalized customer engagement strategy.
  • 34,049 App Downloads: The user-friendly app gained significant traction, offering an enhanced shopping and leisure experience.
  • 12,907 Promotions Redeemed: Customers eagerly embraced promotions, fostering loyalty and engagement.
  • 144 Events Published: Grupo Lar’s events gained visibility, attracting more visitors and boosting the overall customer experience.
The Salesforce-powered ecosystem not only unlocked limitless functionalities but also optimized operations, empowering Grupo Lar with data-driven decision-making and enhanced customer loyalty.

“Making Science has been our key partner in implementing Salesforce. Their professionalism, collaboration, and commitment were instrumental in the project's success. They effectively tackled challenges and met tight deadlines for the end-to-end project, from conceptualizing the functional model and developing the new app with advanced features to deploying solutions for massive data loading.”

— Ana Redondo, Director of Marketing for Shopping Centers at Grupo Lar, highlights the collaboration with Making Science

Looking into the future…

With Making Science by their side, Grupo Lar is at the forefront of shaping the future of retail customer experiences. The collaboration could extend to pioneering new functionalities, such as a rewards points system and centralizing data from external sources, solidifying Grupo Lar’s position as an industry leader.

Why Making Science?

Making Science’s ability to offer a holistic approach, tailoring solutions to Grupo Lar’s unique requirements, was instrumental in achieving these remarkable results. This partnership redefined customer experiences in the real estate and retail sector, setting new standards for innovation and engagement. Making Science’s commitment to collaboration and delivering tangible results has truly made them the ideal partner for Grupo Lar’s journey of transformation.