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At Making Science our challenge is to develop strategies customized to the specific case of each brand, relying on the right technology and our partners with the clear objective of obtaining the best and greatest results.

Measurement and integration

Web/App Measurement

We start by ensuring that all data points on all platforms and devices are being measured correctly. Then, we can further analyze and extract insights to improve strategies and obtain better results.

Online and Offline Data Measurement

Measuring your online and offline data together will give you a 360º view. You’ll be able to see the results of the actions carried out, and how they have impacted your users.

Data integration

We help brands integrate various data sources to help give a full picture of their activities.

Data and quality

By organizing and integrating your data, we can achieve better quality. This will help us to be able to analyze and measure correctly, while extracting valuable insights.


We can provide advice, and help you define and develop a CRM (Customer Relationship Management tool) that is adapted to the business needs of your brand, and allows for a 360 view of your customers.

Analysis and Visualization


Monitor, analyze and visualize metrics and data in one place, in a way that is adapted to your needs and business objectives. 

Deep Analysis

We can analyze large data sets by applying various sophisticated techniques, in order to extract the full potential of your data.


Attribution gives us a clear vision of how and where to invest your budget, betting on the channels that attract the highest volume of conversions.



Your website is your introduction letter to your consumers. Give it all the attention it deserves! With CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) techniques, you can increase the number of your conversions on your site.


Build on insights from your own data to personalize your customer experiences in real time across all your channels.

Audience Activation

Generate diverse audiences thanks to the platform integration, and activate them in your campaigns.

Consulting, Implementation, and Maturity Framework

We help our clients correctly implement the right technology and extract optimal value from it, thanks to the experience of our Google Marketing Platform (GMP) and Social Media Consultants.

We support our clients with a maturity framework to help companies achieve theier objectives.

We also help client teams prepare for GMP and Facebook certifications.


We are one of the few global resellers of Google Marketing Platform (GMP) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) technology and digital marketing solutions.

Find out more about our reselling of these platforms by getting in touch with our team here.


First-Party Data (CDPs)


Trainings for teams

Making Science solutions for optimizing your data strategy

CIA Strategy | Customer Intelligence Activation

The ultimate goal of any First-Party Data strategy is to activate your customer data and generate intelligence to optimize results.

Audience Strategy

Define your target in the different phases of the sales funnel and reach your sales goals.

Advanced Analysis

Leverage Google Cloud’s BigQuery to collect, transform, analyze, visualize, and activate your data. This powerful tool simplifies Big Data processing and provides a user-friendly interface for conducting your searches, making it an excellent solution for managing and utilizing your data effectively.


Our team of specialists is dedicated to assisting you in formulating a strategy that adheres to current privacy regulations. We prioritize respecting your users’ privacy while ensuring accurate measurement across all your channels. This balance allows for ethical data usage and effective business analytics.

Advanced Insights Marketing Report

Get a global view of the impact of your campaigns and the achievement of your business objectives, from which you can extract insights and identify which channels contribute the most to the success of your campaigns.

App Strategy Solution

We offer a solution that enables you to develop a comprehensive 360-degree strategy for your app. This approach will efficiently facilitate activation and accurate measurement of your app’s performance, driving its success in alignment with your business goals.


Attain your business goals by visualizing the incremental impact of your actions. This approach enables you to discern which strategies are effective and which are not, thereby ensuring you invest your resources wisely for maximum return.


The Conversions API establishes a connection between an advertiser’s marketing data and metasystems that optimize ad targeting, reducing cost per action and measuring results.

Advanced Insights Marketing Report

Get a global view of the impact of your campaigns and the achievement of your business objectives, from which you can extract insights and identify which channels contribute the most to the success of your campaigns.

Measurement standardization

Get a global view of your digital ecosystem, and get readings and insights from all your digital assets.

Search Ad Copy Analyzer (SACA)

A solution focused on improving and efficiency of Search assets with the direct benefit of improving CTR and improving performance KPIs such as conversions.

Display Dynamic Creatives Optimization

Creativity and content personalization are crucial factors that influence whether a user clicks on your ad. Our solution allows you to provide personalized pricing or service directly within the ad creative. It can even let users resume their purchase process from where they left off, among other user-centric actions. This personalized approach significantly enhances user engagement and increases the effectiveness of your ads.


Capture a complete view of your data strategy, including offline call-related activities, by implementing call-tracking systems. This solution enables you to measure the entire user journey, both online and offline, providing a holistic perspective of your audience strategy. This comprehensive view facilitates more effective cross-channel data activation, aligning your marketing efforts with your audience’s actual behavior.

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