10 UX Trends For 2020

24 June 2020
2 min

Technology is changing how we interact with our users. Augmented reality, Machine learning and AI are door openers for a new digital landscape. Here are 10 trends that we believe will reshape digital experiences in the remainder of 2020.

  1. Button-less interfaces
    The kingdom of buttons will come to an end with the arrival of new ways to interact such as gestures or voice recognition.
  2. UX applied to everything except screens
    In the upcoming years we’ll be exposed to digital experiences outside the traditional screens. The challenge will be making easy and effective interactions screenless!
  3. Agnostic interfaces: “Mobile first is dead”
    User experience must be fluid and functional, regardless of the device you are using. In the multidevice digital landscape, interface design beyond devices will be a priority.
  4. Voice assistants with natural language
    The progress in natural language processing (NLP) will allow us to talk naturally with our virtual assistants and have more in-depth interactions.
  5. Increase in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
    These technologies will move from experiments to become crucial elements on digital experiences for many verticals.
  6. Improved personalization
    With recent learnings, we are offering to our users better personalized experiences, while keeping consistency in all touchpoints in any device.
  7. Analytics in user research
    Data analysis and user research will join their paths to offer a holistic vision of the insights obtained from users and customers in the browsing experience.
  8. From User Experience (UX) to Intelligent Experience (IX)
    New technologies force us to evolve from User Experience to Intelligent Experience, where intelligence is brought into a client’s journey to optimize their experience in all interactions.
  9. Biometric usage
    More and more companies are using biometric data with the intent of simplifying their client’s experiences by removing pain points and increasing security.
  10. Sustainable challenge digitalization
    As sustainability is getting more ingrained in society, the digital world reflects with content that communicates sustainable policies or changes in businesses or processes.

With this global pandemic, technology and user experience needs to adapt more than ever to help us transform our visitors into customers.