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Juan Ceballos

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Personalize your ads and reduce costs with Gauss Dynamic Creatives

3 October 2022
2 min

We live in a world where people have become accustomed to receiving hundreds of advertising impacts every day. One of the main problems that users mention is that many of the ads they see are not related to their interests. This generates fatigue and frustration. Relatedly, most advertisers state that it’s difficult to personalize each of their advertising impacts due to the creative cost and the management time involved in generating personalized ads that help them overcome the aforementioned barriers.

Dynamic ads can be an effective solution that allows advertisers to generate more personalized ads and offer customers what they demand, improving brand perception, reducing advertising fatigue, and improving the conversion rates of their campaigns.

How does it work?

Dynamic ads build on previous customer interactions to deliver an ad tailored to one’s needs and interests. Based on these interests, a personalized final piece is composed for each user, generating an authentic user-centric strategy and activating the first-party data that we have about the user. That allows us to fine-tune commercial opportunities, appearing at the right time with the right product.

Building dynamic ads in Meta

Meta’s advertising tool offers us a native solution for generating dynamic ads thanks to product catalogs that we link to user activity. We use the data collected by pixels on the same platform. However, this tool has a limitation at a creative level, since the final creativity is made up exclusively of the image of the product for which they have shown interest, without the possibility of adding dynamic creative elements such as prices, descriptions, logos, or CTAs.

Go a step further with our solution: Gauss Dynamic Creatives

At Making Science, we offer a solution that allows us to customize all aspects of our final creative dynamically. Adding the specific price of the product visited, a description, a logo, or any dynamic or static element to the final creative to improve its performance, taking into consideration branding boosts that are generated with impressions that do not end in conversion.

You just need to connect your product feed to our platform. From there, you can generate a template defining which elements will be dynamic or static and select the feed column from which we will take the value for the dynamic elements. 

Activating it is as easy as uploading the catalog to your Business Manager and selecting it when creating a campaign, either remarketing with catalog sales or prospecting with dynamic ads for wide audiences. Once that’s done, a dynamic creative is automatically generated for each user based on their behavior.

The main benefits of using dynamic ads are:

  • Higher CTRs
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Improved brand perception
  • Reduced creative costs
  • Improved user experience

Now that you know how dynamic ads work, let us help you get started!

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