Cass Grimm

Cass Grimm

Project Manager - Google Marketing Platform Expert and certified in Campaign Manager 360

Meet the Expert! ✨ Making the most of Campaign Manager with Cass Grimm

6 March 2023
2 min

Making Science wants to show you the true potential behind the technology: our outstanding teams.

Welcome to our new interview series called called “Meet the Expert,” in which our team members that are certified in Google Marketing Platform, Google Cloud Platform, and many more will tell you the keys to operating the most advanced tools and technology and what’s the primary value they bring in every project.

Meet Cass Grimm, a Google Marketing Platform (GMP) Expert certified in Campaign Manager 360 at Making Science US, who talks to us about the benefits to be certified in the GMP tools and how to extract the most value in our marketing strategy.

What are the advantages of being certified in Campaign Manager?

The main advantage of having the certification is that it lends a lot of credibility to the work you do. One thing is to use a tool on a daily basis; it’s another thing entirely to take the time to study all the features and vocabulary. This makes it so much easier to deploy new ideas quickly. And, it brings me the ability to suggest ideas that are very valuable for the business of my clients.

Here are a couple of other concrete benefits of being certified:

  1. Knowledge about planning, implementing, reporting, and troubleshooting reservations while working across partners. It also gives one the knowledge to assess ad tag delivery, measurement, and troubleshooting methods used to optimize performance.
  2. This exam covers general product use from trafficking all the way through to reporting. As such, having the certification means you understand the 360º pipeline for implementation.

Do you think being certified in Campaign Manager is essential to operate and improve the activity on the platform?

With any tool, whether it’s Salesforce, Google Marketing Platform, or Meta, having a certification shows you really know the ins & outs. In addition to making the work go faster, if you are at least knowledgeable about the different features, you can wow your clients with opportunities they hadn’t thought of before. 

What advantages of being certified do you think gives the most value to the client?

A Campaign Manager certification shows that you’re knowledgeable about ad serving, targeting, verification, and reporting. In a world where things change so quickly, you have to know how to create a hypothesis and then experiment & iterate to get the results you’re trying to achieve. Being able to adapt reports means that no matter what the results of a campaign are, you can always make adjustments and fine-tune them to get the results you’re looking for.

Ultimately, my mission is to bring value to the client’s project or business. By working closely with our technology partners, I can offer up the best tools in the industry, plus the knowledge about how to make the most of them. And this is why Making Science is truly a digital acceleration company.

Are you ready to extract the most value of Google Marketing Platform? Our team of experts can help you with any need or case you have related to the platform. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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