Pilar Hernanz

Pilar Hernanz

Data Tech Consultant

Data collected without a purpose and without proper processing is virtually useless and becomes an expense that quickly escalates. It is not until we enrich it intelligently that we can truly consider it an investment. This helps us uncover the (often surprising) stories it holds.

Considering our data as one of our most critical corporate assets is imperative. Monitoring customer interactions provides a wealth of knowledge to guide our marketing, sales, and product development efforts while monitoring internal processes generates valuable information to optimize operations and improve productivity.

This knowledge value chain is composed of technical and non-technical components. It includes business processes and understanding that a systematic approach allows us to put data-driven predictive models into production through a strategy tailored to each business objective.

Once we have extracted the relevant insights from the predictive models, the next crucial step begins: turning this information into action to generate measurable business impact

This requires three key aspects: 

  1. Understanding the business environment we operate, our acquisition, sales, and loyalty processes.
  2. In-depth knowledge of the different profiles and purchase drivers of each customer segment to which we direct our advertising campaigns.
  3. The creation of tools that automate or facilitate decision-making.

At Making Science, we have been innovating in this context for years with ad-machina and Gauss Smart Advertising. These machine-learning solutions optimize your advertising campaigns on digital platforms (Google Ads, DV360, Campaign Manager, and Meta, among others), making the most of First Party Data (from CRMs, call centers, or other available data sources) and managing to improve sales ratios by up to 20%.

Making Science brings you technology geared towards automation and activation.

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