Human-Centric Marketing: The Marketing Strategy of the Future

30 March 2022

Brand marketing strategies have traditionally had two approaches: product and consumer. The product-centric strategy is based on the product and aims to transmit messages regarding the characteristics of the product. The customer-centric strategy is focused on the consumer and proposes actions according to their needs and how to satisfy them.

With the pandemic, consumer behavior, their habits, and their way of perceiving the world have changed. Thus, Human-Centric Marketing has emerged as a way to better connect with users.

What is Human-Centric Marketing?

Human-Centric Marketing is not new, but it has gained strength within the sector due to the pandemic’s impact on society. Consumers want to feel that the brands they interact with have a purpose and a clear message beyond selling their products or services.

In his book Marketing 4.0: Moving from Traditional to Digital, marketing guru Phillip Kolter highlighted that brands that show their most human side are the ones that will achieve a greater connection with their target audience, especially in a future full of technological advances and novelties. Also, they must manage to establish a real relationship with the consumer and start treating them as humans. They must transmit a transparent, true message that highlights the brand’s values.

The keys to successfully developing this type of Human-Centric strategy for our business must be based on human values such as:

  • empathy
  • kindness
  • compassion
  • justice

The principle of this type of strategy is to understand the concerns and concerns of consumers. Brands must be capable of conveying that they listen to and understand these concerns, and that they are capable of offering an experience that accompanies their product or service.

The implementation of this strategy offers many benefits for brands, including achieving a positive relationship with customers. Some other major benefits include:


You will discover new ways to grow your business. By researching our clients, we can know exactly what they are looking for and how we can satisfy those needs.


Users will feel that we are listneing to them. They will know that we care about everything they have to say.


By putting the consumer experience at the center of our marketing strategy, our brand will benefit: it will improve the perception that users have of us.


In the end, marketing experts must have a vision of users that moves away from a mere profile as consumers and that is closer to a more human perspective. People who feel that brands connect with them will bring positive change, which can lead to results and profitability for brands.

If you need to make the transition from product- to Human-Centric Marketing, get in touch with our team here.