How the Coronavirus is Impacting the User Journey

21 April 2020
2 min

Ready for change and challenges?

We all might be dreaming of the day we wake up and the COVID-19 nightmare will be over, but let’s face it: your business will never be the same again. Not while we are living in a lockup, nor afterwards and not even when a vaccine will be in the market.

Welcome to a new journey!

The expectations, concerns and behavior of your existing clients and your returning users have changed and they will continue to change: they will probably need more time to explore your offers, they’ll be looking for answers to new questions in your FAQ section, they might even visit your not-so-easy-to-read Terms & Condition page, they’ll be searching for very special offers and compare prices since they live on a much tighter budget.

In other words their customer journey won’t be the same – and your site will have to deal with it, whether  you like it or not.

Have we met before?

You better get your site ready to meet some new people. We just entered a time of “hyper-digitalization” and your digital channels will be visited by people who just discovered the variety of great products and services they can find, compare and buy online without leaving home. You’ll have to adjust the usability of your site, making things even more simple without loosing on engagement. Unfortunately, even this won’t be sufficient.

Nice to meet you!

The real challenge might be another one: your pages and online stores will have to cater to groups of very different people. People with different profiles, expectations, skill sets and “online-purchase-maturity”. Accordingly providing segmented or personalized user experiences will no longer be an option: it has now become a matter of survival.

I don’t know if I am ready for this

This sounds like a threat, doesn’t it? Are you thinking about your reduced team and the remaining available resources for these times of crisis and the coming recession? Afraid of big projects that you can’t afford nor deal with?

So are we.

To cope with all challenges and opportunities of your company’s new digital future it will be mandatory to use the right tools and effective methods to analyze and to understand new customer journeys and new user behavior and to adjust user experiences accordingly.