Irene Sesmero

Irene Sesmero

Data Team Lead

Google sets July 2023 as the end date for Universal Analytics

10 May 2022

Recently, Google announced in their that Universal Analytics will stop working as of July 2023, as it will be replaced by Google Analytics 4 (GA4). This new version was designed to adapt to a digital ecosystem that is more respectful of user privacy – cross-platform and cross-device.

In a recent post on the company blog, Russell Ketchum, director of product management for Google Analytics, explained:

“Universal Analytics was designed for a generation of online measurement anchored in desktop websites, separate sessions, and data tracking via cookies. But this form of measurement has become obsolete. Google Analytics 4 operates across platforms, does not rely exclusively on cookies, and uses event-based data models for user-centric measurement.”

Here are the main changes and advantages provided by GA4 compared to the current Universal Analytics:

  • New privacy controls to minimize data collection at the user level.
  • More integrations and metrics.
  • A complete view of the customer lifecycle, with an event-based measurement model that is not divided by platform.
  • Use of machine learning to generate predictive insights on user behavior and conversions. Audiences can be created of users who are likely to buy or abandon.
  • Default data-driven attribution model and the option to obtain predictive insights on user behavior and conversions.
  • GA4 will no longer store user IP addresses; instead, it will switch to using anonymized IP addresses.

It’s time (as it has been for a few months!) to configure Google Analytics 4 as soon as possible. In this way, you can generate the necessary historical data before Universal Analytics stops processing new hits.

Don’t get left behind! If you still haven’t migrated to Google Analytics 4, our team of experts can help. Get in touch with us at or by visiting We’ll be waiting to hear from you! ?