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Jorge Zamora

Data Team Lead

Google Enhanced Conversions: greater precision + more privacy

28 November 2022
3 min

Within the new, increasingly private digital ecosystem, advertisers and agencies must adapt their strategies by adopting the most appropriate technology. This will allow them to continue carrying out their advertising campaigns. And, it will allow them to continue to measure, analyze, and activate their data similar to how they have in the past. Today we’re talking about Google Enhanced Conversions. This is a Google new feature that makes it easier to manage ad campaigns and improves the accuracy of conversion tracking while respecting user privacy. This is accomplished through the use of conversion modeling.

Enhanced Conversions lets you see conversions across Google Ads campaigns, even if the interactions occur across devices or via email. It allows companies to properly track the results of their campaigns while respecting the privacy of consumers.

With Enhanced Conversions, you can maintain high visibility of your data, making it easier to personalize campaigns in the future. But how does it work?

How Enhanced Conversions works

When a customer completes a conversion on your website, you receive their data (such as email address, name, home address, and/or phone number). This data can be captured via conversion tracking tags, sent to Google in its encrypted form, and then used to improve your conversion measurement.

Depending on the type of Enhanced Conversions we use, the hashed data will be used in different ways to improve measurement. The main types of Enhanced Conversions are for the web (online sales), and for leads (for offline sales). In the table below, we describe the differences between the two:

Enhanced Conversions for web Enhanced Conversions for leads
Relevant for advertisers who want to track sales and events that occur on a website. Relevant for advertisers who want to track sales that happen outside of a website (for example, by phone or email) that start as website leads.
Improves measurement of online conversions. Improves the measurement of offline transactions that come from a potential customer or website visitor.
Allows you to send user-provided source hashes from your website when a user converts. The data is then used to match your customers with Google accounts (the ones they logged into when they interacted with one of your ads). Allows you to use encrypted, first-party user-provided data from your website’s lead forms for offline lead measurement. When we upload our leads, the encrypted information provided is used to attribute it to Google’s advertising campaign.

Enhanced Conversions for web

With Enhanced Conversions for your website, customers’ own data, such as email address, name, home address, or phone number, is captured in your conversion tracking tags, encoded, and sent to Google in their encrypted form. Then, they are used to link your customers with their Google accounts, which they logged into when they interacted with one of your ads.

Its main benefits include

  • Recovering conversions that otherwise would not have been measured
  • Improving the optimization of offers through better data
  • Protecting privacy by hashing your own customer data

Enhanced Conversions for leads

With this functionality, you can upload or import conversion data into Google Ads using customer data from your website’s lead forms.

Unlike standard offline conversion imports, Enhanced Conversions for Leads doesn’t require you to modify your lead forms or customer relationship management (CRM) systems to receive a Google Click ID (GCLID). Instead, it uses information that’s already been captured about your leads, like email addresses, to measure conversions.

Its main benefits include

  • Ease of configuration: you can configure the measurement directly from your Google Ads account.
  • Better performance: you will be able to optimize your campaigns for sales and transactions that occur outside of your website.
  • Flexibility: you can implement it using Google tags or with Google Tag Manager.

Enhanced Conversions can help you better monitor the performance of your campaigns. It also facilitates the administration of Google Ads campaigns, all while respecting the privacy of the users. This represents a great advance in the use and activation of data correctly and respecting current regulations. Do you want to implement Enhanced Conversions? 🚀

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