Pilar Hernanz Rodríguez

Pilar Hernanz Rodríguez

Data Consultant

Gauss Framework: Machine Learning Solutions to Optimize your Advertising Sales Strategies

9 March 2022

Today, data is one of our main corporate assets. Monitoring customer interactions provides a wealth of knowledge to guide our marketing, sales, and product development efforts. Meanwhile, monitoring internal processes generates information useful for optimizing operations and improving productivity.

By understanding both the sales cycle and the sales processes, we can create relevant, data-driven predictive models through a strategy tailored to each business objective.

Once we have extracted the main insights from models, we can begin turning this information into actions to generate a measurable impact for the business. This requires three considerations: 

  1. Understanding of the business scope in which we operate: our acquisition, sales, and loyalty processes 
  2. In-depth knowledge about the different profiles and purchase drivers of each customer segment targeted within our advertising campaigns
  3. Creation of tools that automate or allow us to easily make decisions

This has been our focus for years at Making Science with our innovative GAUSS FRAMEWORK. Within the Gauss Framework, we can apply machine learning and dedicated scorecards. With this, we have achieved improved productivity to optimize campaigns in the advertising platforms (Google Ads, DV360, Campaign Manager, and Facebook, among others). In this way, we make the most of First-Party Data from CRMs, call centers, or other available data sources.

A methodology focused on automation and activation

What is the Gauss Framework?

First, we collect and integrate key data points

The backbone requires integrating different data sources through the use of matching IDs. Then, by analyzing the browsing history or by incorporating a pixel, we can integrate the data of all user sessions that interact with the company’s digital assets.

Then, we enrich it through data modeling 

We have vast experience in feature engineering, which allows us to provide discriminant variables to the system. After several stages of pattern analysis and fine-tuning of the models, we can obtain the most relevant metrics to enrich Lead Scoring and Customer LifeTimeValue.

Finally, we can activate and optimize

Once we have selected the best model and identified targeted users for prospecting or marketing, we activate audiences in real-time to obtain maximum impact. Furthermore, we actively supervise the performance model to ensure efficiency over time

Gauss Solutions

In the next blog articles, we will go deeper into the main solutions we offer. We will also provide case studies to demonstrate what it all looks like in practice. For now, let us introduce you to the four main solutions.

Gauss Data Quality

This allows your company to compare data in real-time from different measurement platforms, to proactively detect discrepancies in the main business KPIs. We can visualize the evolution of the most relevant metrics in dashboards that are customized to the necessities of each department or company. Likewise, it provides real-time alerts that will help you resolve incidents, thus minimizing the impact on your business.

Gauss Smart Advertising

It aims to optimize your investment in search, display, social, and video ads. It allows advertisers to provide additional signals that Smart Bidding algorithms cannot collect on time or in sufficient volume. As such, you can prioritize audiences through value-based bidding strategies. 

Thanks to these Lead Scores or Customer Value predictions, we have helped our clients increase conversions by more than 20% and reduce their CPA by around 15%.

Gauss Attribution

We design and select the best attribution model adapted to your business objectives. In this way, your advertising investment stays aligned with those specific actions that have generated the best results: from impressions to conversions to sales. 

Gauss Attribution allows for the weighting of the signals sent to Google Ads. This considerably increases the volume of conversions provided to the algorithm, to each one of the campaigns involved in the client’s strategy. 

Gauss Offline Conversions

This is a solution that integrates First-Party Data, as well as data from the CRM & call center among others. You can add data related to sales, returns, or offline cancellations, and integrate them with the user’s online behavior. This enriches audiences in real-time, allowing the marketing platform to optimize your activation campaigns. 

With our Gauss Offline Conversions, one of our clients achieved a 50% decrease in the CPA without losing volume in Google Ads.  

The bottom line

Certainly, the biggest players in the advertising market (Google, Facebook, and Amazon to name a few) have incredible offerings to better understand your key audiences. Since these companies are constantly processing enormous quantities of data, you may be missing out on additional insights. Consider:

  • The tracking windows are relatively short with these advertisers, but it is possible to extend that date range
  • With these larger companies, it’s not possible to natively integrate offline conversion data
  • Integrating improved and customized algorithms into your campaigns can help you optimize ad spending.

If you want to take your advertising investment to the next level, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team by visiting www.makingscience.com/contact