Data-Driven Digital Growth at the CIO Summit 2023

6 October 2023
3 min

In the fast-paced world of information technology, IT leaders face unprecedented challenges. Did you know that, on average, a company takes three years to carry out a successful digital transformation? The pressure to be business strategists and digital innovators while managing teams and providing safe, effective, and sustainable tech solutions makes the role of the CIO more complex than ever. In this context, we encounter a fundamental question: how can IT leaders become genuine change agents capable of driving tangible business transformation?

The CIO Summit 2023, an event organized by IDC in Madrid on September 26 and 27, brings together the main IT professionals in Spain to explore the main technological trends and debate the most pressing challenges of the digital era. And Making Science is proud to have been a gold sponsor of this event.

Transforming Businesses Through Data Culture

In the current landscape of digital disruption, organizations face the imperative need to make data-based decisions. This involves aligning business strategy with effective data management, prioritizing both the needs of the business and customers. However, this challenge is not without obstacles: exponential data growth, diversity of sources, complexity of different privacy regulations and security challenges, pros and cons of using hybrid clouds in global environments, and of course, cost, sustainability, and scarcity of specialized talent.

During the roundtable “Breaking Down Barriers: Reorganization around Products and Processes”, our Director General of IT Solutions, Jose Miguel Ruiz, shared how adopting a systematic approach to data management that ensures the quality and consistency of information, backed by changes in processes and people, through technology and training, allows the implementation of a data culture, adapted to the maturity of each organization, which is key to optimizing IT investments and maximizing business opportunities with the creation of new data-based business models.

Francisco Molero Campos (Confluent), Jesús Cabet (Persán), Vítor Rodrigues (Magic Beans), José Miguel Ruiz (Making Science), Valentino Gallo (Gransolar Group) and Raúl Coria (IPM). 

The role of the CIO in this scenario is fundamental in combining strategic vision with the ability to manage technological assets and specialized teams, promote security and facilitate collaboration with other leaders of the organization. However, an interesting fact provided by IDC at the event revealed that, currently, approximately 50% of technology purchases come from other areas.

This data is related to the speed at which companies must innovate and optimize their operations through the use and integration of new technologies like AI, which can revolutionize data management by automating tasks and workflows, improving data quality, and even optimizing analysis and action on data in real time and autonomously. For example, companies can offer personalized experiences to users through algorithms that recommend products, services, or relevant content accurately, thus improving end-user satisfaction and increasing revenue.

In addition, collaboration with trusted tech partners, like Google Cloud, becomes a strategic differentiator to offer cutting-edge technological solutions that drive digital transformation and enhance business efficiency.

At Making Science, we are continuously innovating to address the challenges faced by IT managers and other leaders driving innovation. Our participation in the CIO Summit 2023 is a testament to our commitment to our customers to assist them on their growth journey through digital acceleration.

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