Juan Ceballos

Juan Ceballos

AdTech Consultant

Boost Campaigns with CAPI: Unlock High-Value Audiences via Offline Conversion Data

28 June 2022

Are you wasting your data?

We live in a time of major change in the world of advertising due to the imminent disappearance of third-party cookies, as announced by Google almost two years ago. This new context is characterized by a shift in the strategy of how we use data. Before, using third-party data was pervasive, and practically a given. Now, strategies must revolve around first-party data and have a customer-centric orientation. Today, our capacity for data collection and activation determines our competitiveness as advertisers.

Using this first-party data to feed our campaigns and audience generation is essential if you want to succeed on advertising platforms like META, where AI is key in optimizing your results. It’s more important than ever to understand and integrate your offline conversion data because that’s where the most valuable information is actually generated. 

The current challenge: Moving from a third-party to a first-party data strategy

One of the main challenges marketers face is being able to measure all the steps of our funnel, both those that occur in our online environment and those that occur offline. Another optimization cornerstone is to correctly attribute conversions and understand the journeys users take to convert. 

The trend is clear: every day, there are fewer third-party options in the market. Facebook is no exception, with its latest updates. Many of its former segmentation options have been limited to give greater weight to the automatic optimization of the AI itself in addition to the activation of customer data (first-party data).

Take the plunge: Implement a secure Server-to-Server connection across your funnel

In the race to be a profitable and successful advertiser, you must include offline business data in your calculations. By using Meta’s Conversions API, you can upload your offline data and thus monitor campaigns through actual conversions. In this way, we can generate high-value audiences based on users who complete the process and reach the desired conversion phase of our funnel.

The difficulty here is the need to update this data in real-time so that Facebook’s AI can learn from this information throughout our campaigns. Manual upload can be an operational challenge for most businesses that have to pull data from different sources and sort it for activation. For this reason, Facebook’s API can generate a direct connection with the different data sources such as your CRM, so that the information about your offline conversions is automatically updated with the Meta platform. In this way, Meta is optimized with the information of your actual clients and will allow you to:

  • Optimize lower funnel events.
  • Create audiences of real conversions that we can use to generate lookalike audiences
  • Create audiences with high lifetime value to activate cross- and up-selling campaigns
  • Improve the attribution capacity of our campaigns on Social

At Making Science, we offer multiple solutions for integrating your offline data into your digital marketing strategy. Discover our proprietary technology, Gauss Offline Conversions, or our direct Server-to-Server integration with CAPI. Write us at info@makingscience.com to learn more