Samantha Neerhof

Samantha Neerhof

Customer Success & US Delivery Team Lead

Campaign Manager 360 Updates & Preparation for 3PCD

22 April 2024
3 minutes

With Google’s impending deprecation of third party cookies later this year and the industry’s continued emphasis on user privacy, tried and true programmatic advertising norms and practices of the past will cease to exist. At Making Science, we believe this change gives us an opportunity to rethink our existing ways of working, and support our clients as they navigate this changing environment.

We’re shifting from one-to-one precision targeting, to focusing on first-party data. From deterministic measurement, to a future powered by modeled measurement. From data processing within AdTech product platforms, to on-device data processing. These changes also inevitably mean changes to AdTech product platforms, such as Campaign Manager 360.

Campaign Manager 360 Reporting and Attribution Recommendations

Without third party cookies, cross-site and cross-device tracking will look quite different. Luckily, due to modeling, reporting will still be possible but many existing CM360 reporting and attribution features will need to be removed and/or adjusted accordingly. 

For instance, the Attribution Modeling Tool will be significantly impacted. Data-driven attribution (DDA) will be limited, but it will still be a possible attribution model. We recommend using either DDA or Floodlight attribution models. For now, these will likely be the only attribution models available to compare via the Attribution Modeling Tool post 3PCD.

Check out this update from Google for a specific list of reports and metrics being impacted. Sign up for the Making Science Google Marketing Platform Newsletter to stay up to date on the latest product news!

Actions to Take in Preparation for 3PCD

Advancements in privacy-safe advertising techniques and these product updates mean there are some important actions for advertisers to take to update and maintain reporting capabilities.

Google recommends advertisers:

  • Use the Google Tag or Google Tag Manager as your method for deploying Floodlight tags
  • Review Floodlights and disable the attribution tracking setting for any Floodlights that aren’t needed for attribution or bidding purposes
  • Enable consent mode
    • Required in EEA
  • Turn on Enhanced Attribution in CM360
  • Confirm conversion domains at the placement level
  • If using CM360 for tracking, set up Tracking Ads Tags

Taking these actions and utilizing these features will ensure your CM360 account is able to take advantage of the latest privacy-safe technology Google is integrating into their products. 

An Exciting Future Ahead

While there are clearly many product and expectation adjustments to be made, Google is confident that despite the impact from 3PCD, CM360 will still meet customer goals surrounding:

  • Enterprise campaign activation and management at scale
  • Serving and personalizing display and video creatives
  • Agnostic measurement for brand and performance campaigns
  • Quantifying media impact and campaign value

These industry changes and challenges will no doubt lead to impressive innovations across the digital marketing landscape. As we all adapt to the advertising environment without third-party cookies, more and more advanced technology will continue to be developed and integrated into products. We at Making Science are excited for what’s to come and for the opportunity to learn and grow with our customers.

Reach out to Making Science today for help taking the appropriate steps to ready your CM360 account. We offer a comprehensive CM360 audit to ensure your account is efficient and you’re able to meet your advertising goals both now and when third-party cookies are officially deprecated. 

Making Science is a Google Marketing Platform Certified Partner and a leading expert in privacy-safe and compliant advertising practices. We can aid you in implementing Consent Mode, Enhanced Conversions, and more. We also have expertise in Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and can assist with your tagging needs. Send us a message: