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Albert Iniesta

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4 attribution tools to resolve web-app tracking and attribution discrepancies

17 April 2023
2 min

With the growing use of mobile apps and increased web traffic, attribution and tracking have become crucial factors for businesses.

Here, we explore how to address common web-app tracking and attribution discrepancies in Google Analytics 4 and Firebase using tools like Adjust, Appflyers, Singular, and Branch.

What types of discrepancies are most common?

  • Different attribution models: Google Analytics 4 and Firebase use different default attribution models, which can cause data discrepancies.
  • Incorrect tracking setup: Event and conversion tracking may not be correctly set up on Google Analytics 4 and/or Firebase, leading to data discrepancies.
  • Different user identifiers: Using different user identifiers on the app and web can make it challenging to match data across channels, causing attribution data discrepancies.
  • Varying processing times: Google Analytics 4 and Firebase process data differently and at different speeds, which can lead to discrepancies if compared at different times.
  • Data synchronization issues: If app and web data aren’t properly synced, it can cause attribution data discrepancies.

When should you use Adjust, Appflyers, Singular, and Branch to improve your app and website performance?

These third-party attribution tools help with:

  • Multichannel attribution tracking: They can track and correctly attribute app installs and conversions from various channels, such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter.
  • Precise user identification: They can help address issues related to identifying unique users on mobile apps and websites, allowing for more accurate performance measurement.
  • Custom event and conversion tracking: They provide more flexibility in tracking custom events and conversions, useful for monitoring specific events on websites and mobile apps.

In conclusion, external attribution tools like Adjust, AppFlyer, Singular, and Branch offer greater flexibility and accuracy in conversion and event attribution, as well as advanced analytics and data security features. Depending on a business’s specific needs, incorporating these tools can improve ad campaign effectiveness and data-driven decision-making.

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