Using personalized recommendations to encourage sales


Higher add to cart rate (logged in users)


Higher add to cart rate (not logged in users)

Bershka improves personalized recommendations


Bershka came to us to assist with Dynamic Yield. The clothing company wanted to start:

  • offering personalized product recommendations,
  • optimize digital channels for easy discoverability, and
  • craft a cohesive experience across channels.

At first, there weren’t any cross-selling elements in the product page. We recommended adding a new “recommended for you” block to increase the chances of purchase.

The approach

We A/B tested the addition of a recommendations block vs. not having it, to verify that it increases the add to carts. Also, we tested different recommendation strategies depending on the user’s type (logged in user vs. not logged in user).


Through this implementation, 10% more users who were logged in to the site added an item to their carts. Meanwhile, 3% of users who were not logged in also added an item to their carts.

It’s important to keep in mind that conversion rate optimization occurs at each and every phase of the funnel. By making these incremental improvements, we are able to influence other levers (revenue, brand recognition, newsletter signups, to name a few) which add significant opportunities for growth.

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