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Adrián García

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What is your strategy for your e-commerce?

Wednesday October 14th, 2020
2 minutos

E-commerce has been booming for several years. Since 2017, only in Spain, the annual growth is higher than 25%. In this 2020, given the circumstances that we have had to live, this has experienced an even more marked growth and Spain currently has more than 22.5 million Internet users, of which 70% already buy online. Without a doubt, it is a figure to take into account and for which it is worth having our e-commerce ready.

The first thing, to know how well we are doing or in what we should improve, is to know what happens within our e-commerce. My colleague Nadia already told you about the advantages of having Enhanced Ecommerce implemented and recommendations on how to look at the reports to better understand your business.

This first step allows us to measure, but it goes beyond a correct measurement. At Making Science we have been focused on this sector for a long time, and this added to great professionals, we want to give you what for us is a 360 approach to e-commerce:

  1. SEO-SEM Synergy: The first thing, although it is very evident, is that without users there is no one to sell to. In our years of experience we know that the 2 main channels in which to support a strategy are in Paid actions (Search, Remarketing, Programming, IKC…) and in a good Organic Positioning. If you work in an e-commerce you will be aware of this.We do not forget actions such as emailing to our DB, affiliates, media, etc … which of course have their importance and always add up. But at Making Science we blindly believe that a good SEO-SEM synergy will bring us great benefits. We also say that, on average, these channels represent 70% of the uptake.This pair will allow us to cover a greater share of users, make more innovative Paid actions, optimize and divert part of our Paid budget to actions that with a good organic positioning we can cover more economically and with quality traffic. The truth is that the options are very wide.
  2. Conversion Rate: It is important to attract users and make our followers grow, but more important is to take care of those who already know us. If, with a regular and constant volume of users, we make them feel more comfortable and increase their recurrence, we will achieve an improved conversion rate with the same volume of users.The technique to improve the conversion rate is CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization). The techniques to do CRO are very broad, from recordings to focus groups, through user tests. We recommend starting with something simpler and within the reach of current technology, A / B testing. Well executed, these actions can have a very positive impact on our business.Think about your mobile traffic. Surely it represents more than 50% of your traffic but with a 0.5% conversion rate. If we compare it with the desktop version… the comparisons are hateful! So a good starting point is to start by improving the mobile experience for our users. Not to mention in detail that the mobile does not stop growing and that it is and will be the device par excellence.

    At Making Science we know that this alone is not enough. That is why we have developed and parameterized a series of KPIs that serve as levers to optimize your e-commerce. Don’t hesitate to ask us!

  3. Measurement and Activation: Here we include everything that helps us better understand our users and use everything we have learned. Cohort analysis, crosselling, retention or LTV are some examples of where to focus efforts.My colleague Daniela already told us about it in her article How to calculate and understand the LTV and CAC of your business. Without a doubt, the pillar on which to support any online strategy, not only valid for e-commerce.We can capture more and better, we can work on improving our conversion rate, but above all we must be able to understand users. How they behave, know their retention, their recurrence and in what conditions they occur… it will allow us to give an extra to our e-commerce that we will not obtain in any other way.

They are 3 areas that you probably already know and most likely work on them. Our experience has shown us that they generally focus independently and that diminishes the impact and benefits.

We blindly believe, thanks to the results obtained in these years, that these 3 areas are much more effective when they are worked from a common prism. Our team of experts focused on e-commerce works on a joint strategy, where all areas are necessary and complementary.

The present and the future go through e-commerce. That is why at Making Science we dedicate efforts and resources to create a solid strategy that helps you grow your business.