Marco Pilco

Marco Pilco

Digital Marketing Manager
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Omnichannel in Ecommerce

Sunday July 15th, 2018

Omnichannel is not an alternative in the current context. The user’s demands have made it an obligation for businesses that must adapt to the natural behavior of those who expect to receive a consistent treatment, regardless of the channel they use to relate to brands. Technology has made it possible for small and large companies to implement an omnichannel strategy in their processes.

What advantages can we find in the Omnichannel in Ecommerce?

  • Personalization. A tool available to all as Google Analytics allows us to know in depth the type of user who accesses our Ecommerce and therefore allows us to offer a personalized experience. Thanks to another tool from Google, Google Optimize, we can, for example, offer a group of highly profitable users a personalized message at the time of purchase in which they are located.
  • Quality of user experience. Thanks to the personalization of the message and the knowledge of each step of the user even before knowing the company all the way through to the purchase, we can offer a unique and homogeneous experience, regardless of the user’s channel chosen to contact us.
  • Facilitate the movement of the client between channels. We’re going to put on the “customer’s hat” for a moment. If I have a problem with a purchase I will surely show it on my twitter channel (first channel). The company then contacts me and redirects me to their web service channel where the problem is solved (second channel). After receiving compensation for the incident, I post an image on Instagram and the company responds gratefully (third channel). This movement between channels is only possible thanks to a deep knowledge of the customer and proper treatment of their experience.
  • Brand image. A clear and well defined omnichannel strategy will boost the prestige of your brand and your users will only be able to speak highly of you.

The objective of an omnichannel strategy is to provide a better experience to our customers, which in the case of Ecommerce results in higher conversion ratios, an increase in the value of the average cart and a reduction in the abandonment rate.