Making Science bets on France and Italy in its international expansion

Wednesday December 11th, 2019

Making Science, the integrated marketing and technology consultancy, has announced the opening of offices in France, recently opened in a central area of Paris, and Italy, to be opened in January 2020. The company is seeking to position itself as a leading international consultancy in eCommerce, AdTech and MarTech.

As Carlo Baratti, Making Science’s director of international development, says: “Our comprehensive service and our broad expertise will allow us to bring a unique offering to these new markets. We will maintain our business model, as it has demonstrated its strength and potential for growth, and we will adjust it to the demands of each country.”

In the words of José Antonio Martínez Aguilar, CEO of Making Science, “Our expansion strategy is focusing initially on France and Italy, but its aim is to expand, over a period of five years, to the 20 most important advertising markets in the world, most notably the USA, China, Japan, the UK and Brazil”.

Making Science will export its eCommerce services, including its NILO and Unifeedr platforms, to France and Italy, as well as its MarTech services, such as First Party Data, Gauss AI, Cloud 4 Marketing. Thanks to the internationalisation of its AdTech services, the consultancy will offer, among others, Ad Serving, Search and Tag Management, On-site Analytics and Display Buying services in those markets, over Google Marketing Platform.

The consultancy also has various Google certifications, notably including: Google Analytics Services Partner and Google Analytics Sales Partner, as well as Google Optimize Services Partner, Google Optimize Sales Partner and Google Comparison Shopping Site.