Launch of Gauss AI: Our Framework for Artificial Intelligence applied to Marketing & Sales

Wednesday May 9th, 2018

After more than a year of development and testing today Making Science launched Gauss AI to the market. Gauss AI is an Artificial Intelligence framework developed over Google Cloud and Tensorflow that incorporates artificial intelligence models and service logic applied to marketing, sales and loyalty needs.

Gauss AI incorporates native integration with standard data sources in ecommerce and digital marketing environments such as Google Analytics 360, Doubleclick and Magento among others.

A key aspect of Gauss AI is the support at scale and complete production environment life cycle support of data integration and extraction, to the prediction and activation thereof in different business use cases operating in real-time.

Gauss AI incorporates models and solutions that help to activate the data throughout the commercial process, from the scoring of prospects to cross-selling in loyalty.

A differential aspect is the incorporation of a data streamer in real time that allows support of predictions in the contact center environments and in real-time sales channels with extremely rapid response is required.

A key module to Gauss AI due out in the coming weeks, is the cookie scoring module with dynamic remarketing that allows advertisers to have full control of the cookies stored and impacted in their remarketing campaigns. This module can be activated in advertisers who have GA360 within just fifteen days!


!Enhorabuena al equipo de desarrollo!