David Alarcón

David Alarcón

Data & CRO Consultant

How to boost your campaigns in a world without cookies

Tuesday January 19th, 2021
2 minutos

2020 has been the year in which there has been an acceleration in the digitization of all sectors and the population. The confinement experienced in the first part of last year has led to an increase in the traffic of all companies with a presence on the internet and, in addition, audiences have come into play that until now were not so protagonists of the online strategies of our campaigns.

A clear example of the latter are people aged 45 to 65 years, since since March 2020 there has been a growth in traffic in this segment:

The hyperdigitalization of the population comes at a time of changes in the digital sector. Surely you have heard of a world without cookies. Well, it’s not exactly how you imagined them. Of course, any company that intends to continue growing digitally needs to prepare today if it wants to continue working as they have done so far with their campaigns, getting this type of insights to develop strategies seeking the highest profitability thanks to personalization.

Within a year Google will disable third-party cookies in your Chrome browser. In this way, it will join what Apple is already doing today with Safari, Mozilla with Firefox and Microsoft with Internet Explorer, or Facebook. The final countdown begins. Blocking these cookies alters the landscape of digital advertising, which currently relies on third-party cookie data for personalization.

But do not spread panic. There are other solutions prepared to avoid these ‘problems’.

One of Google’s answers is Ads Data Hub. This product, which respects the GDPR guidelines, is a data lake/warehouse where all third-party data that Google owns is stored at the user level, anonymized and consolidated. This technology enables advertisers to merge data from various Google platforms, such as Campaign Manager (DV360), Google Ads, and YouTube. As the data does not provide any identification at the user level, Google can legally store it and agencies can use it to impact on it.

This solution not only allows you to bypass a world without cookies, it also adds very powerful extra solutions thanks to the cloud and BigQuery:

· Attribution models with data on + off and more advanced (Markov or Shapley).
· Real Time activation of audiences with data on + off in Search Ads 360 and DV360.
· Much more advanced analysis by having the raw data of the users.
· Matching of users between different media (on campaigns, Google Analytics 4 (app + web), clients, etc.).

At Making Science we have a team specialized in this kind of technology. If you want to know more about the different solutions do not hesitate in contact us at info@makingscience.com