Javier Solano

Javier Solano

Data & CRO Consultant

Google Analytics Web + App: Data Revolution

Tuesday September 29th, 2020
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If you work in a Data department and you have read the title of this article, surely a little tickle has gone through your body and thousands of possibilities go through your head in these moments.

Well indeed, this functionality has just landed in our little great digital world to try to offer a joint vision of the multiplatform world.

What is Google Analytics: Web + App?

Well, as its name indicates, it is a property that allows us to have a joint view of users and their behavior through the web and the app in a single report. At the moment it is in its initial phase and, therefore, in the full learning and optimization curve.

And what are the main advantages that it will offer us?

There is a world of possibilities, but if we must highlight some, they would be these two:

  • Cross platform measurement

Unified and consistent reports of the web and app to have a global and unique view of the data.


  • More complete Customer Journey

Finally, we will be able to know in more detail the path followed by that high percentage of users who start their navigation in the app and end it on the web and vice versa.


Limitations and points for improvement

I am sorry to reduce the euphoria to those of you who have reached this point in the article, but like all new functionality that is in Beta phase it has many limitations, and therefore, a lot of room for improvement. Here are some of the most important:

  • Impossibility of integration with DV360, SA360, BigQuery, etc.

Currently there is no possibility of integrating it with other tools in the Google Marketing Platform world, but we know that it is on its Road Map for 2020.


  • E-commerce (App + Web)

It is one of the features that we miss the most in this new property, since right now we do not have any visibility of this type of reports.


  • Limited Attribution Reports

This section is currently quite limited (if not null) and is one of the main points of improvement that they have planned for 2020.


And it is that, this functionality has yet to grow and mature to exploit all its possibilities, and if Google puts the love that we anticipate, added to the undoubted potential of this new feature, we may be talking about a revolution in the world of digital analytics. 

So we have to be patient and, although in the Data world we are used to constant evolution and progress without time to settle, we are going to be forced to wait for updates.

And as the saying goes, we don’t want to run before we learn to walk.

What is certain is that it opens a new path full of possibilities that will allow the Data departments of any company a deeper knowledge of the behavior of its users and customers in order to adapt more efficiently to their needs.