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Free Google Shopping and SEO Optimization

Wednesday August 26th, 2020
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Due to the constant changes that are taking place in our society lately, the commerce sector suffers threats that compromise its traditional business model. All these changes have now been accelerated especially by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has caused the vast majority of physical stores to close, and consequently, the number of online shoppers has increased greatly, when considering this model more comfortable and safe.

For this reason, more and more small businesses need to take a step forward and make the decision to start selling online. However, few have the capacity to start doing it on a large scale. Google has realized this problem and has decided to make things easier for them with Google Shopping , which becomes a free tool to allow online stores to promote their products and, in this way, increase their visibility in the search engine.

In this way, Google seeks to compete with Amazon by supporting sellers as a great global e-commerce available to everyone.

This change, which is already available in countries such as the United States or Spain, will be implemented gradually throughout 2020 until the rest are reached.

As a complement to free Google Shopping, Google has announced the signing of an agreement with Paypal to facilitate payment and make it easier for sellers to be in the online market.


How does Google Shopping Work?

To start selling on Google Shopping, it is necessary that the seller has an online store of his property and that it is registered in Google Merchant Center, a platform created for retailers.

Once the ownership of the online store has been verified, we can start filling our data feed with the items we want to show. The data feed is a spreadsheet or a text document that contains all the information about the product that Google requests.

To see the new free ads, it will be necessary to enter the specific Google Shopping tab that we have in Google. Here, an organic list of products that respond to user searches will be displayed.

To appear in the top positions, however, it will still be necessary to make an investment in Google Shopping Ads as before.


The New Role of SEO in Google Shopping

With this change, SEO becomes a fundamental factor in the positioning of products on this platform.

The SEO optimization of our data feed will improve the positioning of our products in the organic results. But what does Google take into account when determining the relevance of our products?

  • The title: it must describe the product precisely and have the main keyword assigned to our product. We must be careful, since the repetitive use of this can cause us to be penalized. We should never use this field to include promotional text.
  • Description: it must be the objective description of our product including the keyword. In this section we must not include any promotional text, links to the store or information related to sales or competition. To draw more attention to the user, we can include text formats such as italics, lists, line breaks…
  • The update of the feed: the update frequency makes Google take more or less a product feed into account. In this way, the more often we update it, the more we will attract Google’s attention.
  • The price: the more competitive and attractive our price is for the user, the platform will show it in a better position.
  • Recommended data: these are not mandatory, but the more information about the product we include, the more Google will take it into account.
  • Opinions and evaluations of our products: the favorable opinions of the products or the store contributed by the consumers favor that Google shows the products in a better position. Likewise, the number of stars of a product helps to greatly increase the CTR.

In addition, we must be very careful in choosing the image, since it plays a fundamental role in drawing the attention of users.

Thanks to this change, a collaboration between Google Shopping and SEO is possible now.


How Do I Know if the New Free Google Shopping Functionality is Available in My Country?

Within our Google Merchant Center account we must go to the Growth Section, which is on the left, and here a new section will appear called Manage Programs.

Once inside, where we see Google Platforms, we can check if the organic Google Shopping ads functionality is active.

That the Google Shopping platform is now free is a great opportunity for those who have not yet entered this tool. If you have not done so yet, it is time to take the step and encourage yourself to work on the organic positioning of your products in Google Shopping.