Altamira Reduced its Advertising Investment Thanks to Artificial Intelligence

Tuesday January 21st, 2020
1 minuto

The manager of financial and real estate assets Altamira Asset Management has become the first client of the Gauss AI platform with integration of social channels (Facebook and Instagram), Search (Google) and programmatic. Thanks to this tool, Altamira has achieved a considerable reduction in the advertising campaign investment: a 25%. 

With this movement, Altamira Asset Management seeks to increase sales by optimizing investment in leads through its online advertising campaigns.

In this context, the integrated marketing and technology consultant Making Science has accompanied the asset manager in the development of its digital strategy. Making Science helped them to locate their target audience for each of their assets through the use of Big Data. This project, active for two months, consists on the development of a strategy of intelligent audiences, using predictive models based on artificial intelligence through the Gauss AI platform.

This tool collects, analyzes and activates data so that companies can obtain an improvement in their campaign results, thus influencing the achievement of their business objectives. Thanks to the analysis carried out by Gauss AI, the company has been able to know the propensity of conversion of a cookie when it is browsing its website, segmenting users between high and low conversion propensity and therefore  optimizing their investment.

Likewise, for this particular project, the location of the users with the greatest probability of conversion due to similarity to the behavior of similar users on their website was prioritized, so that the optimization of the investment allows redirecting the remaining budget in the search for new leads. In fact, Altamira constantly seeks the optimization of its investment in this environment.

However, the functions of Gauss AI go far beyond the management of intelligent audiences. The integration of its five modules allows the prediction of the lifetime value of each user, which allows to focus the commercial and advertising efforts on the users that have more value. It also uses the data to show the best interaction and user experience and prevents peaks and valleys of user demand, increasing cost efficiency.

The new strategy has led to a change in the management of the company’s advertising campaigns. Looking ahead, Altamira Asset Management will prioritize the treatment of these leads over the rest of the leads they generate. In addition, the company intends to advance this project by locating those clients who have come to visit a property, and looking for similar users in the digital environment.